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Sent out an eblast yesterday with a link to the blog, and the visits experienced a significant spike:


I think averaging one hundred visitors for the month of May is a reasonable goal.  My other goal for this month is to develop a relationship with other sites that service the Cambridge/Boston community. I’ve been using to keep up to date on the latest news postings around the area.  A colleague also recently informed me about, which I haven’t taken a look at yet.

The most important question is whether a high readership rate will draw others to our site.  In what I understand of marketing, familiarizing people with the Center and its mission is a huge part of what’s important, and personally I still feel we have a lot to cover on that ground, in respect to the younger generations.


As of 4/25

averaged about 12 visitors a day so far. I’ve begun commenting on other posts to drive traffic to our blog. Among these include:

Metaboston –

Cantabrigia –

I think it’s a good idea to post about other events that are affiliated with Harvard Square and Cambridge, or about Adult Education. This way we might catch other users searching for info on that particular topic.


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