Summer Squared Continues this Thursday, August 21, with A Brief History of Chocolate

Judith Kalaora

Nine out of ten people love chocolate… and the tenth person lies! What is it about this delicacy that makes mouths water? How did this food get such a bad reputation? And did you know that chocolate is good for you? All the questions you’ve ever had about chocolate are answered in this class. You’ll even learn what your chocolate preference says about your personality. This class is not for the faint of heart, as we will sample chocolates from the world over, ranging from white chocolate, all the way up to 99% cacao. So, if chocolate is an invaluable part of your life, then this program is for you!

Judith Kalaora (pictured) is a professional historical interpreter and educator. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and attended the Globe Education Program of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, England. Judith works as a consultant for Boston Chocolate Tours and teaches at Newton Adult Education and various independent living communities around the state.



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