Inside the Center: Teacher of the Week: Laura Quincy Jones

laura quincy jones

Laura Quincy Jones has taught English language, literature, and literacy in urban schools for ten years and loves helping her students surprise themselves with their achievements. She is a lifelong learner herself and is always taking some kind of class, at CCAE or elsewhere, and looking for learning opportunities and challenges. She holds degrees with honors from Brown University (BA), Cambridge University in the UK (MPhil), and Tufts University (MAT). In December 2013, Laura returned from three years of adventurous international travel during which she was living on Australian farms; Japanese homesteads; Russian trains, villages, and cities. On these journeys, Laura explored good food and ecological sustainability, created a book of paintings and stories about what she experienced, and loved living in fascinating corners of the world. Now back home in Cambridge/Somerville, she is excited to be teaching again, learning constantly, painting and publishing, and working on community development and urban agriculture projects.

Laura will be teaching several ESL classes beginning the week of August 11th!

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