We Need Your Support!

We Need Your Support!

Next week Gov. Patrick will be sending his FY15 budget to the Massachusetts legislature for consideration.

Please join us and sign MASSCreative’s petition to urge Gov. Patrick to restore state investment in the arts and cultural community to where it was a decade ago by increasing the Massachusetts Cultural Council budget by $5 million to a total of $16 million.

Last June, Gov. Deval Patrick approved a budget that increased funding for the Massachusetts Cultural Council by 17%. Last November, Gov. Patrick tripled his allocation to the Cultural Facilities Fund. He is now preparing his FY2015 budget for the arts for release at the end of January. As it is the last budget he will release as governor of Massachusetts, it is his chance to take a third bold step to leave a strong legacy as a true champion of the arts by increasing arts funding in Massachusetts by $5 million.

Twenty-five years ago, the Commonwealth invested $26 million in the creative community; ten years ago that investment was $19 million. Today, the MCC budget stands at just $11.1 million.
When you sign the petition, you are helping to unite the creative community with one voice. By joining us in asking Gov. Patrick for a $5 million increase in state investment in the creative community through the MCC budget, you are helping to bring more resources to the hundreds of arts and cultural organizations that bring our communities together, spur economic activity, and create places where we all want to live, work, play, and visit.

In the last week, more than 1,000 Massachusetts residents have added their names to the MASSCreative petition. Please add your name and pass this petition along to friends, family, and colleagues. To sign the petition, click the MASSCreative logo.

Thank you for joining us.


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