Home Run in Harvard Square – From Will

From the desk of Associate Director, Will McMillan

I attended last night’s HOME RUN IN HARVARD SQUARE double header and learned, among other things, that minor league baseball players get a per diem of $25 a day to help pay for their meals.

Larry Lucchino was a surprise guest panelist for the second seminar with Janet Marie Smith. He joined her on stage during the Q&A after her presentation on the the great (and not so great) baseball parks in America.

I wonder if we will have any surprise guests for next week’s panel with Nancy Brady, her dad, Tom Brady, Sr., Todd Carey and his mom, Pamela Carey. They are going to be talking about how to raise a gifted athlete.

Nancy is in Boston to run the marathon with her sisters — and they will all be on NECN tomorrow (April 17th) for an interview at 1 PM.

Mr. Brady and Ms. Carey also agreed to be interviewed for this month’s cover story in the Boston Parents’ Paper.

Here is a link for anyone who is curious to learn more about their parenting experiences and philosophies:



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