Experience the A.R.T.

Experience the A.R.T.We’ve got an exciting event this week!

Diane Paulus, the recently appointed Artistic Director at the American Repertory Theater, will be stopping by this Wednesday (February 10) for our Wicked Smart series.

Diane Paulus has pushed the envelope when it comes to her theater.  Under her leadership, the A.R.T. has developed a new focus that seeks to include the audience’s total theater experience, giving audiences a voice, a sense of ownership, and a feeling of importance in the theatrical event. This audience-driven vision recognizes that theater is not just a play on the stage, but also a social occasion for people to come together and experience community.

If you’ve seen anything the A.R.T. has done this season, The Donkey Show, Sleep No More, Best of Both Worlds, or Gatz, you’ll know personally what this is about – a revolution in the way theater is presented to the world, and how it can seep its way into your core.  While we’re sure she won’t give away the entire recipe of her secret sauce, we’re sure that Ms. Paulus will tell us why theater has long-needed this injection of participation.

Still not sure who Diane Paulus is?  Read some of what’s been written – even the NY Times is sitting up and taking notice, covering her wave-making productions and attitude!

So don’t miss your chance to ask the questions you’ve had all season about the A.R.T. – for instance, will The Donkey Show be a permanent fixture at Oberon? – this Wednesday at 6:00 PM at the Brattle Theater in Harvard Square!  Buy your tickets early – this will be popular!

Wicked Smart is co-sponsored by WUMB 91.9 FM’s Commonwealth Journal. Diane Paulus will be interviewed by Commonwealth Journal host Janis A. Pryor, and excerpts will be aired on Commonwealth Journal at a later date. For more information, visit commonwealthjournal.org.

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