T’was Two Days to Holly Fair

T’was two days to Holly Fair, and all through the house

Every creature was stirring – but that’s not a mouse!
Kadri Cooks

Our signage was hung from the windows with care:

In hopes that cool vendors would soon sell their wares!

The staff were all busy, so Susan said,

while White Elephant sale prices danced in their heads;

And Paul with his tables and Scott with his cap

had just gotten in from salvaging scrap;

Dance floor transformed, the music room cleared,

Our excitement is growing as Holly Fair nears!

Will out in the courtyard there arise such a clatter?
We’ll be happy to have all the people and chatter!

If you need gifts and housewares, come visit our tables –
Come out to the Holly Fair, as soon as you’re able!


One response to “T’was Two Days to Holly Fair

  1. I love it…This gives people a chance to see all the hard work we put into making Holly Fair a success.Good Job Elizabeth and I hope to see everyone at Holly Fair this weekend.

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