Winter Term – And a message from Susan!

It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it?  We apologize for all the delay – we were just so excited about Susan Hartnett’s arrival!  We’ve taken some time to show her more of what we do and how we do it, and she’s gotten herself in place to be a great leader for the wonderful future of CCAE.  I’ll let her tell you herself – here’s her message from the Winter 2010 catalog (which just came out today!):

susanIt is my great pleasure and honor to join the Cambridge Center for Adult Education as its new executive director. Like so many others, I am drawn to this warm and welcoming community that fosters creativity, curiosity, and growth.

We all need to learn new things every day of our lives, not just when we are young and in the nest, but every day. We need to learn to stretch our bodies, to follow our breath, to savor the bounty of this great good earth.

Some people who come here learn to listen like never before to great operas, to dance the tango, to get inside a poem, or up on the stage. Others investigate the challenge of facing a blank canvas, the empty page; some learn to see a photograph like never before, or learn to spot the ripe hazelnuts at Fresh Pond; some work to end racism in America, or learn a new language — all with the guidance of our stellar, supportive teachers. The Center supports learning in all these ways and more. There is just so much to learn, to explore, to share! Isn’t that just a lovely and delicious and extraordinary fact?

And there is no better time to pursue a new interest in the company of wonderful people than right now! Our teachers are passionate; our students, dedicated and enthusiastic. In our winter term, the Center offers you over 500 courses, including our extraordinary arts programming, classes in cooking, foreign languages, yoga, astronomy, web design, massage, and much more.

Take a moment to browse our catalog. You can visit our website to register and/or get updated information at (If you prefer to register by phone, feel free to call the Registration office at 617-547-6789.)

For those of you who will be returning for another term of learning, I hope you will take a moment to tell us what you think about the Center after you register online. We have a new survey designed to gather your ideas and suggestions as we work to make the Center better than ever!

Come by the Holly Fair in December for great crafts and warm wassail, or in January for a cup of cocoa — and register for a class while you visit. We invite all of you to stop in any time you are in Harvard Square!

Susan Hartnett
Executive Director

We’ve gotten our registration season off to a great start – so come by the office at 42 Brattle Street, or log on to and grab a seat in your favorite class – because they’re filling quickly!

One response to “Winter Term – And a message from Susan!

  1. I am unable to get to the listing of courses. I don’t think it’s my computer, since everything was recently tuned up and other sites work fine.

    Has anyone else reported this glitch?

    I VERY MUCH want to sign up for a winter session painting class. But I cannot find the listings. Instead I’m directed to a dead end where clicking on Art sends me to Business (Ha!)

    Must I come to cambridge to fetch a catalog from the box, or do you mail/email them?

    If so, I’m Chris Radant, 1960 Commonwealth Ave. # 16, Boston, MA 02135.

    Thank you.

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