A Faculty Perspective: Carl Thien

If you’ve gotten our Fall Catalog (have we mentioned that Fall Term courses are now online?), you may have noticed this guy in the back cover.  If you haven’t taken the time to read Carl’s story, take a moment now to enjoy!

In 2000 I completed a certificate program for Web Design. Bright-eyed, I entered the job market, just as the dot-coms fell. The job market went bust. I found out about CCAE by opening one of the catalogs on the stairs at Twisted Village in Harvard Square, and saw that The Center offered classes in Flash, which I really wanted to learn, but had found to be unapproachable in my lone attempts. I applied for a scholarship, and took the course. I loved it! After finding out how much education thousands of dollars could buy from my certificate course, I was thrilled that The Center could offer such quality at a fraction of the cost. I wanted in. I proposed a course and wrote a curriculum to support it. Accepted!

One of the best parts about being an instructor at CCAE is that you get to take a class for free. Hence, my thirst for knowledge found an eternal spring. I have been involved with CCAE ever since. I have completed 18 consecutive semesters of Polish language courses with the incredible CCAE instructor Elzbieta Hinke, whose sparkling outlook and thorough class preparation I dedicate this Faculty Perspective to. Through CCAE I have met many talented people. I have carefully tailored my class schedule to always follow Doug Kornfeld (CCAE’s illustrious Dreamweaver instructor), just for the few moments of conversation we share between classes. I have enjoyed The Center’s computer lab, with CCAE system administrator Scott Hall’s creatively thought-out and well-implemented construction.

There have been countless interesting people — students and staff alike — that have touched me though CCAE. Oh — interesting? Have a conversation with Bobby Bear at 56 Brattle Street. He is a Boston rock ‘n roll legend drummer with stories a creative writer’s workshop could mine for months. Yes, you can see, CCAE has touched me. Give The Center a try. You might learn a new skill, and make friends through the journey.

Check out Carl’s Class:  Advanced Coding Topics:  Using Fireworks in Your Workflow!

Be sure to sign up for this or for the MANY other courses CCAE has available ASAP!

August term begins in just ONE WEEK!


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