Doug Kornfeld – Teacher, Artist, Friend

From Will’s Desk:

CCAE is home to an inspiring conglomeration of passionate, committed teachers.

We see a lot of art/computer faculty member Doug Kornfeld here at 42 Brattle Street because he often works in our computer lab when classes are not in session.

I was very happy to find Doug’s smiling face in last week’s Globe along with photos of his newest public art installation.

I knew that his work had been installed in other US cities, and that he really likes the TV series Mad Men, and that he likes (as I do) to wear hats – but I didn’t know that he grew up in Colorado, or that his dad played piano during his childhood, or that he came east to work at Sasaki Associates (a very innovative and prestigious architectural firm) before deciding to focus on making, and teaching, art.

Read the full story on and check out more of Doug’s work on his website.  Check back soon to see what Doug will be teaching this fall!

One response to “Doug Kornfeld – Teacher, Artist, Friend

  1. doug’s drawing with the figure changed my life. i learned a lot about how NOT to draw and let go of a lot of my mind’s attempt to control the process! the end results are that drawing is so much more fun and i am more often surprised by what i am able to create instead of stressing trying to make it be something it can never be

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