What are your plans for Summer?

Late May brings us warmer weather and June is right around the corner!  The Cambridge Center for Adult Education wants to know what you’re going to do this summer – are you planning shorter vacations, sticking closer to home, or do you have other fantastic plans?  If you’re tight on cash, consider a class at CCAE to jump start your creativity and keep you occupied.  Our Summer Term begins June 15, so there’s still plenty of time to register for a class!

Want to learn how to act?  This is what one student had to say about one of our acting courses recently:

“I attended an acting class yesterday at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. It was taught by Stan, who’s probably 80 years old, and has been teaching the class for 42 years!…I learned about the four key emotions of acting; happiness, sadness, anger and fear. What was surprising is how one can fake physical actions that mimic the emotions, and start feeling these emotions…Loved the class! Also realized that I am probably not going to become a professional actor (duh!) but would certainly love to learn this art more to improve how I express myself.” -used with permission

New grad?  Want to learn to cook for yourself?  Our Friday Night Cooking Series is dedicated to all you twenty-somethings who are tired of late nights with Ramen Noodles.  Spice up your palate and try new cuisine!

Do you have an artist deep inside yourself?  Get in touch with it and take an Art class!  Draw on the subway, explore painting, make jewelry, and learn to blow glass!

The Cambridge Center for Adult Education is all about Social Networking.  And while you can fine tune your computer and internet skills, CCAE wants to be sure you get plenty of face time with instructors and fellow students.  So come on out, meet new friends, learn new things, and see that the Cambridge Center for Adult Education is a great place to thrive this summer!

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