Exercise Your Brain

Did you know…?

Smart people think faster!

Researchers at UCLA have found that folks who actively exercise their brains are not only smarter, but think faster as well.  While genetics (what you’re born with) plays a big part in determining things like your IQ and aptitude, don’t lose hope!  The life-long pursuit of learning plays a significant role in flexing that grey matter muscle!

“…the good news is that we’re not necessarily stuck with the brain, or the brain speed, we inherit. He says thinking is like running or weightlifting. It helps to have certain genes. But anyone can get stronger or faster by working out.

The brain is like a muscle, Haier says: “The more you work it the more efficient it gets.”

So people who practice the violin, or do math problems, or learn a foreign language are constantly strengthening certain pathways in their brains.

And Thompson notes that our brains, unlike our bodies, peak relatively late in life”

Read more of this NPR report here.

So this Spring, break out the books, dust off that guitar, and pull your bicycle out of storage, then head on over to the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and stretch those intellectual muscles! Our Spring Term begins on Monday, March 30 – so don’t miss out on your chance to make yourself a more efficient thinking machine!

Your brain will thank you!

One response to “Exercise Your Brain

  1. haha!! of course they do. That’s one of the things that gives them the title of ‘smart people’ …!! great post!! thank tons!!

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