Wicked Smart Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot featured in the Boston Globe

Bill Greene/Boston Globe Staff

Bill Greene/Boston Globe Staff

Sara Lawrence–Lightfoot is a sociologist and MacArthur fellow who examines the culture of schools, socialization within families and communities, and the relationships between culture and learning styles. In Publishers Weekly, Richard Newman called her book Balm in Gilead an “account of the pain of racism, the necessity of its repression and control and the battle to keep anger from exploding and destroying one’s life, a victory not everyone achieves.” Lawrence–Lightfoot told Ms., “I am very interested in the…potential of feminist scholarship that begins to find the connection between thought and feeling and the public expression of large social questions.” In 1993 she was awarded Harvard’s George Ledlie prize for research that makes the “most valuable contribution to science” and “the benefit of mankind.” Lawrence–Lightfoot has endowed professorships at both Harvard University and Swarthmore College.

Ms. Lawrence-Lightfoot was recently featured in the Boston Globe regarding her work researching life-long learning and new experiences in the later stages of life.

Don’t forget to get tickets for her lecture as part of the Wicked Smart series at the historic Brattle Theater (40 Brattle Street), our gracious next-door neighbors who will host the event on January 27th at 6pm!

Be Wicked Smart.  Engage with today’s best thinkers.  Join the discussion, create dialogue, and remind yourself why Harvard Square – and the Cambridge Center for Adult Education – is a destination for the most provocative, compelling, and stimulating ideas!


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