CCAE Jewelry Students at work at Holly Fair

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Laurie Savage keeps her jewelry-making classes full at CCAE.  For nine years, she’s been watching students come and go at the Cambridge Center.

But she’s not at all upset about it:

“I had a proud moment back in May of this year when I watched one of my former students graduate from the Metals Program at MassArt.  She started with me about 6 years ago and I saw potential in her and encouraged her to apply to MassArt and she did very well there.”

This year, Laurie’s students will be crafting jewelry and other wearable art in real time at the Holly Fair!  Don’t forget to check them out in the basement studios of 42 Brattle Street!

More than 70 vendors will be featured at this year’s event, including, but not limited to:  sweaters for dogs, hand-crafted theater masks, fleece outerwear, antique maps, photographs, custom crafted jewelry and soaps.

CCAE faculty will also be part of the festivities, including a workshop of students making and selling their wares on site at 42 Brattle Street.  And in keeping with the ethos of CCAE, teams of staff and board members will be seen both days in the kitchen serving up comfort foods, sweets, and wassail.  As an additional treat, a cappella group Random Chants ( will perform Saturday afternoon.

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