CCAE Winetasting Benefit

From Guest Blogger, Will McMillian, Assistant Director:Wine Station
Our annual Winetasting Benefit party is coming up on Saturday night, and I am ready to CELEBRATE.
Not only am I feeling stunned, joyful waves of energy from our recent, paradigm-shifting presidential election, I am also delighted that our new Brattle Street neighbor, The Upper Crust Pizzeria is donating a bunch of their delicious pizzas to the event.  Hurrah!  So in addition to our usual trays of cheese, crackers and grapes, we will have delicious bite-sized chunks of gourmet pizza to fuel our merry-making.
For the past 23 years ANOTHER generous neighbor, Crate&Barrel, has lent us their Brattle Street store PLUS a stellar team of staff volunteers to host our annual winetasting celebration.  There are wine tasting stations set up all over the store, and a great R&B band, Downtime, gets everyone dancing on the lower level.  I always feel like I am in some sort of dream or movie because it is such a surreal setting for a party. Outside the glass walls, life goes on as usual. Inside the glass walls a bacchanal unfolds…Tracy
And even though there can be hundreds of people packed into the store, very few things (like glasses, plates, vases, etc.) ever get broken.
Tickets for this singular evening of wine, music, and dancing (all proceeds of which benefit the Cambridge Center’s scholarship fund), can be bought in person at 42 Brattle Street, over the phone (617-547-6789 x1) or via our web site.
It’s a really fun way to get together with friends, drink responsibly, dance wildly, and raise some money to help keep CCAE’s courses accessible to everyone.


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