Craigie Street Bistrot to move to Central Square

Craigie Street Bistrot is on its way out. From the Globe:

Chef Tony Maws et al. will be leaving their iconic digs outside Harvard Square and heading down Mass. Ave. to Central Square. Pending approval of the liquor license transfer, they’ll take over the La Groceria location on Main Street, renovating it and putting in a snazzy kitchen.

Tony Maws has turned the restaurant into something special, a true gem of a restaurant just down the way from CCAE. CCAE’s also connected to Craigie Street through Marjorie Maws, who took a restaurant business class here many years ago before opening Craigie Street.

If you’re feeling sad about it, you can cheer up with a free ice cream cone from Ben & Jerry’s stores.  Tuesday, 4/29 is Free Cone Day!


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