Spring is really, really here! Maybe.

I wore shorts to the Center today! After this latest long and cold winter, I thought I’d never wear shorts again. But here we are.

Yesterday CCAE took the day off for the holiday. On the other side of the river, twenty-five thousand people from across the globe converged in Hopkington to shut down traffic and run 26 miles into the city. Were you part of the commotion? I rode a train into the city from Cleveland Circle (where I spotted Lance Armstrong run through in yellow Live Strong regalia) that was filled to the gills with people.

The night before, I was ordering take out from a sub shop when a young man in front of me admitted he had a “long day” ahead of him. “We start drinking early in the morning, and it’s an all day thing.” He was very serious about this responsibility. I’m not sure if that’s a Patriot’s Day tradition or a marathon viewing thing.

We have a couple of special programs coming up next week to keep an eye out for. The first comes from our Twenty Something’s Lifeguide, single night classes for people in their twenties. Next Wednesday’s session on April 30th is called “Thirty Five Things to Do Before You Hit 35.” It’s imperative for people to sort through all the flotsam and options and jot down some goals. Your homework this week is to find yourself a young person and direct them to this class. It’s taught by Kendall Dudley, whose paintings you might’ve seen in our building this month.

[As I write this there is a great moment going on across the office in one of our classrooms, in Ann Sayre Wiseman’s mixed media workshop. They’ve got three tables overspread w/colorful magazines, paints, and papers, which they’re cutting apart and spackeling together again. The sun dips in through the windows, outlining them as they chat it up, and I can think of few better ways to spend a Tuesday morning. I might have to grab a seat at one of the tables for a better look.]

Next Wednesday is also the first day of our White People Challenging Racism workshop, which started up at the Center several years ago.

Our Dulcimer festival kicks off with May Fair in two weekends, from May 2nd to 4th. More on that soon.

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