Harvard Square Bits

  • Right now: The FCC is holding a public hearing with network giants Comcast and Verizon. Issues will include net neutrality, and recent complaints against Comcast for intentionally slowing/stopping traffic to some users who use peer to peer applications like BitTorrent to share files. It’s illegal to withhold service, but P2P users are often charged with clogging traffic for others with their high volume exchanges. The FCC’s got a live audio broadcast of the hearing online, which you can listen to from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m..
  • An interesting article on american crime novelist and Boston lifer Robert B. Parker (who’s Spenser series inspired the eighties tv show) from London. Parker lives in Cambridge in a building with his wife. “The first year we reunited she lived in a different town. The second she lived in a different building. Now she lives upstairs and I live down. There are some fairly profound psychological reasons why we would do that, none of which I care to share with you… “
  • The people who stop you on the street to chat about a particular issue might be doing their homework.
  • A soft real-estate market isn’t doing much to stem expensive home renovations. “The relentless status-seeking of the boomer generation has created something of a permanent state of fix-up fever,” says one WSJ writer.
  • Acclaimed graphic novelist Adrian Tomine will be in Harvard Square this Thursday at Harvard Bookstore and the Brattle.
  • Spotted: our building after the snowstorm this weekend.
  • A delicious vegetarian dish recipe (with yummy picture) inspired by Veggie Planet owner, author, and CCAE instructor, Didi Emmons.
  • Allan Hunter, CCAE instructor and our guest lecturer last Thursday for our Thursday Morning Lecture Series, reflects on the experience. From an earlier post: “Personally I just love the Cambridge Center. I’ve been teaching there for about ten years, on and off, and I regard many of the folks who work there as family. Several have become friends, also, which is one of the blessings of working in a good place with excellent folks.”

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