Cinema Circus

The Cambridge Center for Adult Education and the Brattle Film Foundation present the fourth edition of their children’s film festival, “Cinema Circus” on Sunday, January 26 with two screenings at 9:30 and 11:30 am.

The series, which features a curated selection of independent chidren’s features, has been a hit for Harvard Square families.

“Our goal is to provide a unique experience for parents and children. For some children this is their first experience watching a movie on a big screen in a group setting.” says Will McMillan, CCAE Associate Director. “We’re including films that aren’t just of interest for children, but quirky and wonderful films for people of all ages.”

“We want parents and children to have a shared experience that will provide them with fun stuff to talk about. Some of these films, such as Housemoving by Derek Lamb — in which a house is cut and half and moved from Arlington to Belmont — are so compelling that children discuss them for years afterwards.”

Films are selected for originality and interest. Cambridge resident Adele Pressman, a child psychiatrist and co-programmer of the event, organized a similar event when her children were at the Cambridge-Ellis pre-school.

“Adele has a great sense of what appeals to — and is appropriate for — young children,” says McMillan. “She’s programming animated and live action films, all original and non-commercial works. She has an acute awareness of how children these days are awash in images, and what kinds of affects these images are having. We’re hoping that this can be the beginning of an ongoing conversation about children, the media, the challenges of being a parent and the challenges of being a child now.”

The films will play at the Brattle Theatre, on 40 Brattle Street. Cost is $5 for each showing.

Register here.


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