Crafting with Kids – Jan & Feb


The Cambridge Center for Adult Education’s popular parent-child learning series Crafting with Kids will run this Winter, starting on January 19. The series features five new Saturday workshops for child/adult pairs, offering arts, crafts, and cooking classes geared at providing a fun shared learning experience for children and adults.

“We wanted to provide new and creative ways for adults to interact with their kids,” says Program Planner Paula Ogier. “These are mostly single Saturday workshops to make it convenient for parents to share a new activity with their children. They can choose specific activities like making pizza or pottery, or sign up for the whole series for a wide range of crafting experiences.”

Parents can select from:

All classes take place at CCAE’s 42 or 56 Brattle Street locations. Children should be at least six years old. Individual class description and prices are listed below. Interested pairs can register at or call 617-547-6789 x1.

What: Crafting with Kids – Workshops for Kids and Adults
Who: The Cambridge Center for Adult Education
Where: 42 and 56 Brattle Street in Harvard Square, Cambridge
When: First workshop begins January 19, with workshops running through February 9
Cost: From $63 to $118
Call: (617) 547-6789 x1

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