Google Maps Street View

After happily taxing my computer with copious video footage yesterday, this morning it decided it didn’t want to work. Unfortunately for it, and luckily for me, our tech guru scott is a mac whisperer, and sternly talked it into working again. At CCAE, we do not tolerate computer incorrigibility.

If you’ve seen the papers today you might’ve read that Google Maps has brought its Street View feature to Boston. Now, when you search a location on Google Maps, you can click on Street View to get a camera’s view of the street, and travel around the street like you were there.

Here’s a look at Brattle House. Click on the map and drag it around for different views. You can walk up and down the street, too.

View Larger Map

Cool? Or creepy?


One response to “Google Maps Street View

  1. Hi,
    This is a nice post.Yes i am agree with you, we do not tolerate computer incorrigibility.It is good effort of Google to brought the Street View feature to educational website.Thanks to share

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