A Few Reasons to Come to Holly Fair this Weekend

This Saturday (12/8) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
and Sunday (12/9)
from 12 noon to 5 p.m.

1. True one of a kind Holiday Shopping – Our vendors are hand selected for their wares, and all of them are independently produced. That means the soaps, the jewelry, the scarves, the trinkets are made with care by actual humans. And with the guaranteed fallibility that comes with being human, you’re not only getting a great product, but a unique one too.


2. Supports the Center and local vendors – When you patronize local businesses the money stays in and benefits the community. You help keep our classes affordable, and our classes keep your neighbors thinking and growing, instead of lazing on your lawn. You also help preserve two historical buildings that have been here since before the birth of the country, our 42 and 56 Brattle Street houses. George Washington (who dined and stayed in 42 Brattle) would be proud.

3. Your fellow students and staff – Our buildings stay lively, with music, live performances, and a kitchen that runs non-stop and serves hot food, which we make ourselves. As I write this, a couple staffers are making the long drive to hallowed B.J.’s, where they will purchase bacon, beef, kielbasa, potatoes, assorted veggies, cheeses, scallions, cheeses, and sour creams by the truckload. Like magic they will fit these items into a mid-size sedan, and drive them back to the Center where I will unload them with growing incredulity—This is my 7th trip back to the car??

Also, the people that come to the Holly Fair, like the folks who read this blog, tend to be intelligent, lovely, and uncommonly good-looking.

Other reasons that some might find compelling:

4. Warmth – I’m almost willing to concede that it’s winter. As temperatures dip down, it’s important to remember that there are lots and lots of bodies at Holly Fair, each radiating a healthy ninety-eight point six degrees of heat. There’s also the atmospheric feeling of goodwill that permeates through puffy winter coats and mimics the sensation of warmth, but it’s really just being around lots of good people.


5. Quirky grandmothers – Whether they’re buying that fully fashioned hosiery for their daughters or for themselves, you can’t buy the entertainment or the wisdom readily available in the spry and grizzled grandmas in search of a good bargain. Find them in the White Elephant, our sprawling tag sale in the two basement rooms of the Blacksmith House, also known as the Gigantic Pile of Stuff.

6. Free coffee – Just for coming in, you can get the kind of coffee often reserved strictly for awkward corporate improvement days, where employees half-heartedly role play proper and improper office conduct. Delicious.


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