Six Writer’s in Search of a Parking Space

It’s snowing! From outside our window on Brattle Street:

I need to buy snow boots. As the snow turns to slush and creates massive puddles, my walk to the Center involves several potentially fatal leaps from street to curb. After getting whacked by shorter, oblivious umbrella wielders, I am finally safe and warm at my desk.

This weekend we hosted our second Six Writer’s in Search of a Parking Space event, a fun evening of humorous readings by local writers. It sold out last year, and this year was no different. I had the pleasure of participating, and I came into the Center very close to start time to a packed house and a wonderfully transformed Roberts Room.

Those of you who’ve taken dance classes at the Center have probably been in our Roberts Room, the dance studio at the back of the Brattle House. It has hardwood floors and a wall of mirror, good for perfecting those fuete turns or for a quick checking oneself out before a meeting. The room was constructed in 1962 and named after Kate Roberts, a longtime art student here at CCAE who passed away in 1960.

pushing hands in the Roberts Room – this photo was taken by a student in one of Skip Schiel’s photography classes.

The CCAE staff draped the walls with white christmas lights for the evening, and set a modest podium up front for the readers. In the Music room adjacent there were plenty of treats, including baba ganouj, a spread of many spellings (ghannouj? ghanoush?) and a featured dish in Kendall Dudley’s piece, “Spies, Dweebs and Alternative Life Forms at the Algiers and Casablanca Cafes.” Kendall opened the night, approaching the podium dressed like an old spy, with a long khaki trench coat and a fedora pulled down menacingly over his eyes.

Each reader shared a piece at around ten minutes in length, and the night went without a hitch. Congratulations to the programmers and staff for making this delightful event happen.

2 responses to “Six Writer’s in Search of a Parking Space

  1. Not related, but a thought on ‘winter boots’… NEOS overshoes. I’m not affiliated but love them.

  2. Hi Carrie,
    Thanks for the tip. I bought a cheap pair of overshoes a couple years ago that worked like a wetsuit for my shoe; these look much better.

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