November (snow) Rain at the Center

I’m finally wrapping up the auction from the Winetasting Benefit earlier this month. I can’t believe it’s been more than two weeks since we had our annual party. So much has happened since, including our second twenty something’s class, our Meet the Artist series, the arrival of our new Winter catalog, and the first snowfall, happening right now. All around the square people are walking with umbrellas, stepping around puddles, and shrinking their necks into their coats.

The Winestasting party went down on Saturday, November 3rd, at the smartly furnished Crate & Barrel just up the street from us. If you’ll recall, the week prior to the party was fairly lovely, with sun and clear skies and a bit of a chill. Then we got word that something of a hurricane was traveling through our part of the country, with winds set to rack to cape at 80+ miles an hour. Boston was to get a bit of rain and wind as well, on the day of our party.

this is what I thought was going to happen.

It did rain a bit and looked fairly miserable that day, though not as blustery as the weather professionals threatened. We got started at 8, and people began their trickle in. The band set up, and by nine p.m. the place was properly rocking, with the Down Time band playing funk favorites. One of the singers, Tracy Gibbs, has ties here at the Center, having worked here in early 2000.

a gorgeous flower on a silent auction table at the auction.

I had a few rieslings in between checking on the auction and chatting up folks. Yum. We raised a fair amount of money through the auction, but the rain severely hampered our walk-ins. Usually people see the party from outside through the glass windows of the store and join in, but there weren’t many bodies on the street that night, understandably so.

There are a lot of thanks to give to folks who made the benefit happen, including Harvard Square realtor extraordinaire Pat Mazza for her help with getting auction items and the Crate & Barrel staff for deconstructing and reconstructing their furniture displays. At the end of the night I rode home with some friends and a bottle of pinot grigio with an easy-access twist off cap. I thought it went quite well.


On November 8th we had our second installment in the 20 somethings lifeguide, a program that features classes geared towards young professionals.  Thursday’s topic was on building a financial foundation. Some key tips include: try to save 10% of your salary each year on retirement, keep your portfolio balanced, and respect the power of compound interest. Einstein said it’s the most powerful force in the universe.

great image from That rule of 72 is true, too.

This Winter the Twenty Something’s Lifeguide talks wine and health.

Gobble gobble?  I think not.

Now it’s almost time for Thanksgiving, when food is plentiful and turkeys read the writing on the wall. For the Center, that means that Holly Fair is right around the corner. Our annual craft’s fair is the biggest in Harvard Square, with jury-picked vendors from all around the northeast selling their one of a kind items. It’s a great place to get gifts and something for yourself. Plus our kitchen serves chili and kielbasa all day. It’s actually great cold winter food.

come for the unique gifts, stay for the bacon.

Happy holidays from all of us at the Center!


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