Lets do Lunch – Meet the Artist Series with Hisla Bates


In a couple of Wednesdays, we’re kicking off a new series called Meet the Artist. It’s a lunchtime series with a local artist, where you’ll be able to share lunch with your fellow students and talk between bites with a featured artist about anything life, and art, and process. We’re opening up our doors for lunch on Wednesdays, so if you’re in Harvard Square on October 24th, stop on in. At $8, it’s about what you’d pay for a sandwich. Hisla Bates will be the featured artist on the 22nd, and she has lived a fascinating life. Here’s the two paragraph, highly abbreviated version to get you started:

Hisla Bates began as a fashion designer. She graduated from the Parsons School of Design (home of Bravo’s dear fashion designer reality show Project Runway), and traveled throughout Europe and Asia for a stint in design and manufacturing industries. And somewhere while boarding planes and exiting textile mills, she made a significant change and decided to head back home.

a print by Hisla

She enrolled at Yale and studied medicine. Med school?? She had a childhood dream of being a physician, she reveals. And so she trained in Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology and Psychiatry at Yale and Mt Sinai hospital, New York, putting her fashion days behind her and taking on the considerable responsibility of the clinic. Her work would eventually move her to Boston, to Mass General, where she continues to see patients to this day.

But a few years ago Hisla made a return to the arts. She began painting and monotypes, and incredibly began producing a large body of work. She’s since exhibited her works in Brookline, and in Cambridge, and continues to balance dual roles as doctor and artist.

And that’s just what’s on paper. Join her and the Center for lunch on Wednesday, 10/22, from 12-1:15. At 56 Brattle Street in Harvard Square.

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