The Watch List – Classes to keep your eye on

Fall Term is around the corner, but there are still August term courses starting at the beginning of the month, before Fall’s official start date (September 24th). Not sure what to take? Here are a few classes that might float your boat:

Next Sunday, 9/2Sea Kayaking For Beginners – Learn all you need to get out on the water. You’ll “learn how to lean and turn a kayak by using basic bracing skills, develop a basic understanding of natural and artificial variables found in the ocean environment, and be shown all essential paddle strokes necessary to move and control your boat in a variety of conditions.”

Starting Saturday, 9/8

  • Dawn Walk in Boston – Join a spirited band of explorers in the early morning hours of a new spring day in this beautiful city.Boston at dawn
  • Sewing Weekend Workshop – A wonderful way to kick off your weekend days, this workshop is open to those who haven’t sewn, those who want to begin again, and those who just want to work on current sewing projects.
  • Psychic Skills for a Psychic Life – Longtime faculty member Michael Koran’s popular course that explores the relevance of psychic thinking in everyday decision making.

Tuesday, 9/11Grilled Gourmet Pizza making – Learn to make grilled gourmet pizzas, guided by your own creativity and favorite tastes—you’ll never want to order out again.

Wednesday, 9/12

2 responses to “The Watch List – Classes to keep your eye on

  1. Microsoft Powerpoint will also be offered at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education in September – Monday evening September 10 and
    Tuesday evening September 11. Instructor: Tracy Marks. It is only now offered about twice a year so this is a rare opportunity to take the course. See:
    The course is still open.

  2. That’s right, thanks Tracy!

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