Faculty Profile – Susan Alt

Susan Alt

Classes taught: Ballet and Tap.

Teaching with the Center since: Ballet more than 30 years, and Tap for nearly twenty.

Lives in: Cambridge, with two beloved cats.


Susan teaches Ballet and Tap at the Center. She has studied with Tatiana Babushkina of the Lithuanian State Ballet, Ana Roje of the Yugoslav Ballet Theater, and several renowned Boston and New York tap dancers.

I’ve been teaching ballet here since I was in 20s. I’m in my sixties now – you can imagine how long I’ve been teaching here. I used to lie about my age, but then I thought, what’s the purpose anymore?

I love to dance. I’m passionate about dancing, and I like to share my passion. I think dance gives a lot: it’s really great for the body, and it’s fun. Plus you get to listen to and move to fabulous music. It’s one of the pleasures of life.

My tap style is very dancey, too, because of my background in Ballet. It’s more of a Broadway style of tap dancing.

I live in Cambridge, with two beloved cats. I love it here. The people are incredible on many levels, beyond just being dancers.

Check out Susan’s courses here.


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