No good deed goes unpunished?

In an unusual incident in the square, a man was shot outside of Charlie’s kitchen last night. Apparently there was a struggle between two men, with a third man rushing in to break up the fight. A gun was drawn, and the man who intervened was shot in the arm.

A coworker and I had recently shared stories of our own Good Samaritan stories. Jerome, a longtime Cambridge resident, spent one overextended night trying to help a man in a wheelchair get to several illusory locations. I’ve personally helped a few strangers who had too much to drink and needed to get home. Last night’s incident, however well intentioned, reminds me how anything can really happen, even in an area as safe as Harvard Square.

Incidentally, the gun was never found. If you happened to have found a pistol in the square, Cambridge police would like to chat with you.

Have you gone out of your way to help strangers?

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