CCAE Staffer in Peru

James was a very cool languages programmer here at the Center last year who left us to travel through South America. He sent the staff a package of gifts collected from his trip. In his own words:

I have sent 23 small handicrafts … for distribution among the CCAE staff. … There are three types:

1. Traditional Inca necklaces
2. Traditional painted bulls from Pukara (Pukara is a small town in the mountains. It means “red earth” in Quechua, the language of the Incas and most inhabitants of the mountains today. The town is named as such because the clay in the area is of an excellent red/orange. The bulls are red and are placed on the roofs of traditional homes for luck.
3. Stones inscribed with Nazca designs (The stones are from Nazca and were worked on by the descendants of the Nazca.)

The staff was pretty excited about our new gifts. This is what they look like:

Staffer taking her pick.

Nazca inscribed stones and Inca necklaces. The bottom left stone is a monkey, can you see it?

Taking a little bull.

We’ve also learned that James and his wife Veronika are expecting!  Congratulations James, and thanks from all of us here in Cambridge.

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