Model Mayhem


When I think of modeling, I usually picture thin, tall women and boyish men, casting vacant glances from glossy magazine pages. But there’s a lot more to modeling than Vogue magazine: there are healthcare ads, real estate brochures, and corporations a plenty looking for fresh faces.  I know this b/c the Center’s got a new course all about the art of posing, called Breaking into Modeling, that breaks down the career opportunities available in the industry.

Rebecca Johnson
, the teacher of the course, is a fashion photographer based out of Boston. Check out her website for her work. She’s got a lot of experience working in the industry and offers a realistic approach to making money while looking fabulous. The course description looks pretty good, too.

Register here.

5 responses to “Model Mayhem

  1. ModelMayhem is total garbage. A site full of predators and pervs and wannabe models. Poorly designed and run by a kid whos a script kiddie. Stupid site cant even stay online more than 1 hour and he claims to have all this crap done to it.

    He sells everyones email address for a dollar to bulk email spammers. All the REAL models, with the exception of a few, are on sites like,, net-models. All the fakes and pervs are on that idiototic site MM.

    Want to get trashed and bashed for asking a question? Try talking to one of their pompous moderators, better yet, see if you EVER get a support question answered.

  2. thats so true

    do you know of any other websites that are for models that i can go to?

    i saw a few bad blogs bout onemodelplace too

  3. I would recommend and since you already mentioned OMP. AMZ tends the be the top one whereas NM is more British and Australian oriented, AMZ is global and the probably the best all around.

  4. is there any information about this in other languages, maybe german or other else?

  5. won’t be getting my money anytime soon. I can’t browse the model selection until I sign up and pay them $10? I’m going to have to take their word for it that the site is worth paying for?

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