Summer Term Preview

Summer Term begins next week. And in true new england fashion, this weekend was cold and rainy. Luckily, this summer is chock full of courses to keep you inspired through the hot (and sometimes rainy) days of summer. Here are a few courses that are open and starting soon.

Birdwatching for Beginners
This course is primarily for the beginning bird-watcher, but designed to be appreciated by bird watchers of any level. This begins next Friday, so if you’ve got a closet ornithological obsession, register now.

Tap Dancing to the Blues
My first encounter with tap was as a young Will in a community production of Oklahoma. Theater attendees laughed when i entered (i was a skinny boy in coaster-size glasses wearing chaps), but were instantly enraptured when I began my tap routine to “Kansas City.” I bring this up only to say that there is something very powerful in tap. Teacher Susan Alt is great, too.

Greek Dancing
Nancy Gelowtsky Miller began teaching the Greek dances she knew at home, to interested friends. It was so fun for them that it became a regular night. Nancy, who is on our Social Activities Council, offered it through CCAE to get us some new students, and it has since become a favorite for many. It’s pure fun. Part of this is due to the fact that classes go beyond the studio. Nancy and her students often go out to local tavernas and have a wonderful time.

Swing Dancing
This class comes in part of our Friday night dance craze, taking place each Friday night through July. It’s an easy dance to pick up and a great partner dance to learn. One great aspect of this class is partners are switched throughout, so whether you come with a group or by yourself, you’ll have a good group to practice with. Men, I urge you especially to sign up, as these classes often have a lot of women. We need to even up the odds.  And there might be some tertiary benefits, too.

It’s Never Too Late to Heal
Have you been feeling stuck lately? Do you know someone who’s been dealing with difficulty? This course aims to deal with the issues and behavior patterns that keep us from progressing.

Effective Communication Skills
Sybil has been teaching with CCAE for many years now, and her exercises have helped countless people to get past the poor habits that develop over the years to communicate clearly and effectively.

Introducing Classical Music: How to Listen
Jim Smith has inspired many to enhance their lives with this survey of classical music. This is more than a course on the art alone, but an understanding of how to link rich, imaginative lives to classical music.

Anyone Can Act
Stan Edelson has been teaching acting for more than thirty years, and leads his own Diversity Lab Theater group, which has produced many works based around the experiences and ideas of its students. Explore your creative impulses through acting and movement and experience the joy that comes with new expression. This is also helpful for business and professional presentations, too.


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