CCAE Teacher Kitty Pechet in the Globe


Kitty Pechet teaches calligraphy here at the Center, and was recently profiled in the Globe for her many talents, including her role as a competitive surfer (all the more impressive when we learn she picked it up after 50). She’s a wonderful teacher, and a delight in person, too. From the article:

“Surfing has become a metaphor for life, my life” Pechet says during an interview at her spacious home in Cambridge, which she shares with her husband, Harvard University professor Dr. Maurice Pechet, a member of the medical school’s Board of Fellows . “You paddle out, turn around, choose a wave, and miss it or catch it. When you get up, you finish, fall off, turn around, and paddle out again.”

It’s a great article. You can (and should) read the whole thing here.


Kitty is off for the summer and will return to CCAE in the fall to resume her classes.

2 responses to “CCAE Teacher Kitty Pechet in the Globe

  1. I’ve takeb two of Kitty’s classes. They were both terrific and she is an inspiration.

  2. She really is. I’ve had a few conversations with her throughout the years and I always walk away feeling motivated. She’s a treasure.

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