The Leona M. Vogt Art Studio


Last Thursday, we honored one of our most generous donors, Leona Vogt, with a dedication/opening celebration for our new art studio at 56, which bears her name.

Leona joined the CCAE Board of Directors in the 80s while while doing a project at Harvard Law School, and served with CCAE until her passing in 2004. The Center learned shortly after her death that Leona had made a bequest of $200,000 to the Center, to be used for new classroom space. It was one of the largest gifts the Center had ever received from an individual donor.


At that time we had been renting space from the building on One Story Street. The landlord there decided to raise the rent, so we made the switch to 12 Plympton Street. The Plympton space worked out well for us, but it lacked an art studio. So plans were made to convert part of our space at 56 into a new studio, using the funding that Leona had given.

Some pictures of the renovations in winter of 2006



Praise needs to be given to our developers, who renovated the space within the break between our winter and spring terms. We decorated the space up something nice for the opening, featuring work from several of our students and faculty.




Our Studio School founder Phil Press.


Members of our board said a few words honoring Leona and her commitment to provide life-changing learning to the public.

CCAE Executive Director Jim Smith addresses the attendees.


A few of us staffers passed out small plastic glasses of champagne as people said their words, and we ended the evening with a quiet toast. It was something to see us all raising our glasses out there, with the weather as gentle as it was and the sun just falling beyond the rooftop.

We are thankful to all who came and made this event possible. And for people like Leona, who are very much the root of what makes the Center what it is.


2 responses to “The Leona M. Vogt Art Studio

  1. R. Norris Keeler

    There are many of us in Washington DC area who knew Leona Vogt, and cared for her.

    We were saddened to hear of the death in 2004; we had no hint of this at all.

    Anyone whe was close to her might contact me with details. We miss her.

    Norris Keeler

  2. I am inspired by Leona’s generosity, and saddened by the news of her death. I worked in her building when I had just graduated from college, and she took the time to help me improve my career decision-making. I came across the news of her passing when I was looking to reconnect with her professionally. Thank you for publishing this blog, and I would very much like to see the art studio dedicated to her life and impact on the community. Where exactly is it located? Thank you,

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