Goodbye, Greenhouse

The Greenhouse Coffee Shop, loved by some, and loved not so much by others, have served their last basket of fries. The owners of the coffee shop said their landlord evicted them after the founder of the longtime Harvard Square mainstay died. The folks at the Cambridge Chronicle offered a space to share memories, and a few voices have chimed in around the web:

Rejoice, Greenhouse haters! – Your whipping boy has now gone the way of the Tasty, Wursthaus, the Bow and Arrow and the dodo! No more will you have to endure surly service, two day old desserts, and lack of restrooms! Gone baby gone, Greenhouse, dead of eviction, Sunday 22 April, 2007.


What I will vouch for are the fries. Now, I’m not one to go for undeserved superlatives, but I have to say that these are among the TASTIEST FRIES I HAVE EVER HAD. I’ve heard that it’s common practice in fast food restaurants to essentially double-fry their fries, but if that’s the case, the Greenhouse must triple, or quadruple fry them. The thought alone is enough to make my arteries feel clogged with delicious, delicious fatty oil goodness. Oh yes.


I dunno – I mean, the Greenhouse was never a first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth… n+1th choice for me, but I never quite had the craptacular service that seemed to plague other diners. Plus, I had a mad crush on a French girl who worked there one summer, so my memories are a bit clouded. And I liked their fries.


The Greenhouse may have been a nice hangout, but the quality of their food was somewhere between mediocre and poor — I, for one, am not sad to see it go in favor of something better (and also hopefully local and independent).

We hope so too.


One response to “Goodbye, Greenhouse

  1. Things change, don’t they.

    We have had the Greenhouse for 50 years.

    Now we have the Greenhouse Effect.

    Cambridge has a “Green Initiative”,
    with a grant from the Kendall Foundation to promote civic discussion, development of green buildings, etc.

    Harvard Square is getting livelier every week.

    The new place that takes the Greenhouse space
    will reflect the changes that are happening in 2007

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