White People Challenging Racism

This workshop was first taught in 1999 by educator Jennifer Yanco of Medford, MA. A white woman, Jennifer created the class to talk about racism, white privilege, and the role white people can play in speaking up and taking action agains racism.

Since then, 17 graduates of the class have joined Yanco as facilitators. The Spring course will be co-led by Barbara Beckwith, a writer and former public school teacher in Cambridge and Watertown, and Adam Gibbons, an intercultural affairs consultant and facilitator with City-Wide Dialogues.

The class is pretty inspiring. More than 600 people have taken this course since its creation, and it continues to ripple change through its participants and their communities.

The class begins on Wednesday, April 25, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. The class uses readings, videos, and role playing to help participants better understand the roots of racism and to be better prepared to take action in their own lives. Barbara has told me that participants have gone on to take action include schools and universities, places of worship, businesses, youth programs, local media, a publishing company, engineering firm, law firm, hospital, R&D firm, executive search company, court, co-op housing, and a poetry reading series. It’s quite a list!

Click here to read more and register.

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