What is SWIRL?


Here I can “CLAIM WHO I AM!” not have to defend WHAT I AM. “

Next Friday we’ll be hosting a group of artists from SWIRLBoston for a performance in our Spiegel Auditorium. I’ve been trying to spread the word about this event, and sometimes I find myself wondering what Swirl is all about. They are a mixed community, meaning their members often have ethnic backgrounds that vary. I found this mission on their site (www.swirlinc.org):

Swirl, Inc. is an anti-racist, grassroots organization that serves the mixed heritage community and aims to develop a national consciousness around mixed heritage issues to empower members to organize and take action towards progressive social change.

SwirlArts is a branch of the Swirl group that was founded by Deanne Ziadie-Nemitz, a very nice girl I met at an open mic/meeting at the East Meets West Bookstore in Cambridge. I was excited for CCAE to get a chance to collaborate with them, b/c they’re great people. So we decided to host a night of theater/spoken word/music that focuses on the multi-racial experience, and what SWIRL folks are all about.

I asked Deanne to write me a little bit about what the night would consist of:

This Spring Show at CCAE we have about ten individual and combined performances on the program (program developed by computer design Swirl Artist Shawn Chin) those include live music and spoken word. There will be a puppet show that encompasses the complexities of the “Being Mixed Identity” experience written by Diem Dangers, and several visual artist displays of various art pieces and artistic media.

Artists will have a chance to share with the audience their personal experiences with race, identity, and being multiracial through their individual artistic expression as well as sell their personal CD’s.

So it sounds like it’s going to have a little bit of everything, which I think fits quite well with what SWIRL is about. There are a lot of seats available, so register now and support this great organization.


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